Football Bet Data Review

What is the product about?

Football Bet Data gives users access to their database and tools which provide historical information on over 60 football leagues.

What is the product?

There are three levels of access to Football Bet Data and each level provides you with higher access to products. At the most basic level you can expect access to Football Bet Data’s extensive database which covers outcomes, goals scored etc. for games going as far back as 1997. Along with the database you are given Football Bet Data’s predictions. This is likely to be enough for the average punter but if you want to get more in depth there are options for a Betfair trading formula that you can drop directly into Microsoft Excel and also Prediction Portal, this is the same software that Football Bet Data uses to obtain their predictions. This is mostly of use if you were looking to start developing your own system and needed real in depth statistics. Continue reading

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JVZ Sales Maximizer Review

What is the product about?

Created by Aaron Danker, JVZ Sales Maximizer is a training course designed to teach users how to market products through JVZoo.

What is the product?

JVZ Sales Maximizer is essentially a step by step guide to launching an advertising campaign through JVZoo and using its features to get the most out your product sales. The guide comes in video format and the videos are arranged in 10 modules each of which cover a different aspect of marketing. JVZ Sales Maximizer only covers JVZoo so it operates in a pretty tight niche but the product seems well researched and although not hugely in depth covers what it does properly. Ideally you would have your own product to use with JVZ Sales Maximizer but if not the creator, Aaron Danker offers a complete business in a box proposition. Continue reading

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Are You Looking For Online Work?

Woman doing online workWork From Home Options

If you are interested in the prospect of working from home, and making money from the internet, then please feel free to view of guaranteed methods, recommended by thousands of our satisfied customers around the world.

The options that are recommended have been tried and tested, by people just like yourself to be proven methods of creating income using your computer. We also add new methods every week so please be sure to bookmark this website and visit regularly.


More and more companies are allowing their staff to work from home these days, which means the benefits of less commuting is becoming cost effective to many. If you are an employed position where your employer does not allow their employees to choose the option of continuing their work from home, then you could, as many others are already doing, look to actually ‘create’ the option yourself.

There are many ways to create such options.

Firstly, you could ask your employer if they would consider allowing you to complete the work from your home. This will depend on the type of work you already do. If you are a bricklayer for example, then it goes without saying, that this option of work would not be a possibility, but if you work in administration, or complete your work on a computer, then there is no reason why you could not complete your work anywhere that holds a computer, and an internet access.

The re-training option.

Many people are now choosing to retrain in order to apply for home working positions, and that way once you are fully trained in your chosen subject, you will open up the potential employers that could take on such staff for positions working away from their office. This is a viable choice, and could also lead to a brand new career, which is not only exciting, but could be even more rewarding than your current job.

Make your own online job.

Another option would be to create a position by becoming self employed without the limitations of waiting (or asking) for your employer to consider the chance to work from home. There are many services that you could train for where online companies could potentially use your services, these include but are not limited to:

  1. Virtual assistant.
  2. Online receptionist.
  3. Translator.
  4. Web developer/designer.
  5. Call center representative.
  6. Tech support specialist.
  7. Travel agent.
  8. Online teacher.
  9. Writer/editor.
  10. Franchise owner.

All of the above skills have training courses.

The reality is, that there are no limits to what jobs you could do, and what type of work you would like to do online.

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