Automated Betting Bot Review

What is the product about?

Developed by Matthew Penn, Automated Betting Bot is a betting bot built around Betfair’s upcoming API-NG.

What is the product?

There are actually two bots available as part of Automated Betting Bot. One is a lay betting bot and the other is a backing bot. Matthew Penn says that both of these bots are designed to work with Betfair’s new API that will launch in November. Both betting bots provided as part of Automated Betting Bot uses Matthew Penn’s own betting system that he claims has produced a strike rate of 67%.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Each bot is available individually for just £17 each. If you choose to purchase both bots in a single transaction you can purchase them both for a reduced rate of £27. There is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place as Automated Betting Bot is sold through ClickBank. In terms of the return on your investment, oddly enough there is no information available. Usually this is something that marketers crow about but not in the case of Automated Betting Bot.

Does the product provide value for money?

For reasons I shall explore below I don’t believe Automated Betting Bot to be value for money.


There is an awful lot about Automated Betting Bot that doesn’t quite add up. The most apparent is that the software doesn’t connect to your Betfair account. You do not have to register the product with your Betfair account which is the norm for betting bots. Another major concern lies in the fact that the bot seems to be locked to Matthew Penn’s system. Something that isn’t actually discussed leaving you essentially blind. I can’t help but feel that Automated Betting Bot is just an attempt to cash in on the change to Betfair’s API by beating the crowds.

Personally I’d wait for the better known existing bots to update (which they almost inevitably will do).



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