Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets is a horse racing system that appears to use statistical and form analysis as its foundation.

What is the product?

Banker Bets is a system that has been developed with newbies to betting in mind or those who don’t have an interest in horse racing and betting. The creators say that their system is simple and straight forward and can be applied to any racing fixtures. To use Banker Bets all you will allegedly need is a pen, a sheet of paper and a calculator. It appears that the system uses statistical analysis and it is about choosing winners as opposed to placing or laying. Allegedly a lot of time was spent on research and testing the service with the team spending many hours researching horse racing markets trying to identify patterns.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

For a one off cost of £49.95 you can gain access to Banker Bets. This comes with a money back guarantee although the creators say that they will only provide a refund if you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the system isn’t working for you. In terms of your return on this The creators of Banker Bets say that they guarantee you will earn £75 per day using their system.

Does the product provide value for money?

In theory this represents value for money but there are a number of issues (that I shall address below) that stop me believing this is the case.


On the surface of things Banker Bets seems like a reasonable product. It is priced about right for a betting system and the promise seems to be there of consistent profitability, but the phrasing surrounding the refund policy creates a niggling doubt. The creators of Banker Bets say that they will only provide a refund at their “sole discretion”.

I find this disconcerting for a number of reasons not least of which is it sounds very much like it will be difficult obtaining this. If Banker Bets was a legitimate system that the creators believed would work they would surely have no qualms about offering refunds. Instead if the product doesn’t work as advertised purchasers are left in a kind of limbo and at the mercy of the creators of Banker Bets. That to me just seems like it could have shady connotations and for that reason I would be inclined to look elsewhere.


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