Bet Nation Sports Betting Review

Claimed to be headed up by one of the Nation’s top gamblers, Bet Nation Sports Betting provides tips on a massive variety of sports.

What is the product?

The system is a subscription service with tips sent out daily for a wide variety of sports from tennis to boxing to horse racing. The tips are claimed to come from a support network that is made up of contacts in the sports in question, with advice coming from places as varied as TV pundits through to mathematicians. The product also suggests that there is a lot of form analysis and looking at previous results. The system is said to be designed for all levels of bettor from beginners to seasoned pros.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

The subscription costs are £47 for 28 days or £94 for 90 days representing a saving of £47 over the period. There would also be the cost of setting up a betting bank which would need to be quite substantial (for reasons we will discuss later). The claimed profits from Bet Nation Sports Betting are up to £12,600 in 96 days. It is the rest of the time that Bet Nation Sports Betting really starts to fall down as the initial profits last 4 months and after that there is a significant downward trend.

Does the product provide value for money?

The initial profit run for the first few months is immense with the system providing an alleged profit of over £3,000 at the end of April based on £10 per point. By the close of October this amount is down to negative £937. The system at the time of writing is claiming to be back in profit but for those who want to draw out and spend their profits; this would leave you in a significant amount of debt. When you consider that you are also paying almost £100 for 3 months that puts you over £1000 in the red. This leaves you looking at a product that you are paying for that runs a massive risk of loss.


There is a distinctive lack of information on how the product works and that combined with the losses discussed does not create an endearing picture. There is no reason for the losses as there is no information on how the system works so you are left assuming that this may as well be lucky guesses. The consistency of the losses over that period does not seem to represent a system that is based in any kind of scientific method.

There is nothing more to say that this is a product that really should be avoided. There are much better betting systems out there and the bottom line with Bet Nation Sports Betting is that the losses are unacceptable. To end up £1000 in debt from a product means that it is very much a no go.

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