Binary Informer Review

What is the product about?

Created by Sean Walker, Binary Informer is software developed for trading binary options. It allegedly links directly with banks servers to predict trends successfully.

What is the product?

Essentially Binary Informer is binary options trading software. Sean states that the software links with banks servers which allows it to accurately predict trends. There’s no real information on how it manages to do this which makes it’s a bit of a dubious claim. Binary Informer claim that this has allowed them to offer a 96% strike rate. There is also a guide to trading binary options so that those new to it can develop an understanding.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

It seems that Binary Informer is free as Sean only requests an email address to confirm your interest but there is a 60 day money back guarantee which means that there’s probably some upselling later on. The return is ever changing with claims varying from a little under $200,000 in 6 months to almost $2500 in 5 minutes.

Does the product provide value for money?

This is one of those products where everything seems a little bit outlandish. The returns seem awfully high and the fact that it doesn’t mention a price doesn’t bode well in terms of what the upselling will involve. I want to believe that there’s a strike rate of 96% but it seems a bit implausible really.


At the centre of all this is the claim that Binary Informer connects directly to banks servers. There’s something that doesn’t seem right about this, namely the fact that no bank would let a rogue piece of software connect to their servers. Sean claims that it’s an entirely legal procedure but doesn’t provide anything to suggest that either the product does what is claimed, nor that (if it does) it’s legal.

All this piles up and leaves me thinking that even if there wasn’t any upsell and it was a completely free product, it just seems too iffy to put faith in.

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