Binary Profit Cloner Review

Product Name: Binary Profit Cloner

What is the product about?

Developed by professional trader Andrew Bateman, Binary Profit Cloner is software that automatically copies trades carried out by Andrew.

What is the product?

The software claims to mimic all the trades made by Andrew in his day to day trading. The system is designed so that trades are entirely automated and are claimed to happen in real time. Andrew says he has been trading in Forex and binary options since 1984 and has handled over $200 million in this period of time. As Binary Profit Cloner doesn’t rely on computers to trade it supposedly allows for Andrew to react to real world events to either capitalise or reduce losses as they happen. Something that trading robots are not designed to factor in.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

For $47 you receive a lifetime subscription to Binary Profit Cloner which comes with a 60 day full refund in the event you don’t achieve the advertised results. The results themselves are claimed to be a 5% ROI daily which Andrew says equates to doubling your money each month. The recommended starting trading bank is at least $200 on top of the subscription fees but that cost should be made in profit within the month.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the fact that Binary Profit Cloner is only available at this price for a limited time and Andrew’s alleged 30 years of experience in training, at the moment I think this is a product that offers value. Andrew states that his intention is to turn the service into a monthly subscription at a cost of $147 per month once he builds up his user base so in order to extract the best value from the product, now is the best time to buy.


This system is unlike anything else I’ve encountered so far and seems to be a genuinely exciting prospect. There are many people who will find the idea of an actual person carrying out trades preferable to a robot and it is easy to see why. Only time will tell if Andrew can really produce the results he claims but for those who want to take a little bit of a risk, this could well be a fantastic opportunity.

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