Cricket Tipster Review

Product Name: Cricket Tipster

Developed by Adam Westwood and his business partner Steve, Cricket Tipster is a subscription cricket tipping system.

What is the product?

Cricket Tipster is a subscription system that gives out daily emails with tips for cricket games from across the globe with games covered from India to England. Adam and Steve say that the system produces a strike rate of 78%. The subscription is email based with emails sent the night before any games so that bets can be placed in plenty of time and subscribers can take advantage of the best odds. In terms of how Cricket Tipster works, this isn’t ever explained as Adam says that Steve will not allow him to release any details.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Adam and Steve sell Cricket Tipster for $10 and this gives users a lifetime subscription. There is no specific mention of how much you can make but Adam says that he’s made £45,165.87 so far this year.

Does the product provide value for money?

At $10 for a lifetime of tips it is difficult to consider Cricket Tipster anything other than value. Many subscription services would expect at least double this and that would be each month. What is worth noting is that most of the stakes shown in the examples on the site are all between £30 and £75 so the stakes involved are quite high. The only major concern in terms of weighing up whether the product provides value for money lies in the lack of information on the return. Instead of facts and figures Adam and Steve seem more content to show off what they claim to have bought and done with their alleged income.


Cricket Tipster is cheap and cheerful and betting on cricket is definitely a niche that isn’t exactly saturated so there is quite a lot going for Cricket Tipster. Unfortunately for users it means that you cannot look elsewhere and are stuck dealing with Adam and Steve’s system. As it is cheap that doesn’t necessarily represent a massive negative but it all depends on what the system will generate in terms of income. If you can make even half of what Adam claims to have made then I don’t think it’s difficult to consider Cricket Tipster a success.

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