Data Processing System Review

What is the product about?

Created by Phil Day, Data Processing System is a betting system that involves using large bets to manipulate odds.

What is the product?

At the core of Data Processing System is the claim by Phil Day that if enough people start backing a horse, the odds will drop. This is particularly relevant through betting exchanges where there are a lot of uncertainties and different bets being placed in full view. Data Processing System is a book designed to teach purchasers how to set up their own group that do this. Of course when you get to the end of this you realise that it isn’t much more than a glorified advertisement for the ring that Phil Day currently has up and running doing just that.

The methodology behind Data Processing System is simple, if 50 people (the example given) bet £250 on a horse, others will start backing it. Those who placed initial investments can then lay the horse to lose making a neat profit.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

The book that contains the details of Data Processing System costs £2.90 and is a physical copy. If you choose to sign up for Phil Day’s current ring who are using this system he takes a 10% cut for managing the operation. There is no money back guarantee or refund policy as he claims that he costs are to cover printing and postage. In terms of how much you can make, Phil Day claims that by using Data Processing System users can expect to make £5,000 per week although this is an unsubstantiated claim by all accounts.

Does the product provide value for money?

All things considered I don’t believe that Data Processing System does provide value for money.


Although the methods that Data Processing System are legal, they are morally questionable and whilst this doesn’t bother some people I am not one of them. Personal opinion aside there is definitely some basis for what Data Processing System does and whilst I don’t believe that the profits quoted would be typical there is room to make money. The issue though will lie in if your lay bet loses at which point the liabilities could well wipe out your betting bank. There isn’t one aspect of Data Processing System that I like and as such I can’t recommend this at all.

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