Extra Income Game Plan Review

What is the product about?

Created by Finn Nelson, Extra Income Game Plan is a training course on how to use email lists to successfully operate an online business.

What is the product?

Extra Income Game Plan is a combination of video training and a training manual (that runs to 37 pages). It teaches users how to go about starting up a mailing list and using it to market products successfully. Creator Finn Nelson claims that his system is easy to follow which makes Extra Income Game Plan sound like a beginners course. Especially when he says that you require no time, effort or technical knowledge.

The fundamental idea behind Extra Income Game Plan is that by using lists you can market to a user base that already want to buy your products. As well as the training that Finn Nelson provides iExtra Income Game Plan, users also receive a number of bonus products which serve as tools to help you get started.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

You can get a one week trial to Extra Income Game Plan for just $1 with the cost going up to $7 per month after this period. Finn Nelson also offers a money back guarantee that is a year long. He claims that if your financial lifestyle hasn’t taken a “dramatic” turn for the better you can claim your money back. In terms of the returns on Extra Income Game Plan, Finn Nelson says that you can expect to make $500 a month minimum if you can build up your list to 1500 users.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the low price I think that Extra Income Game Plan represents excellent value for money.


Extra Income Game Plan comes with some pretty serious kit for what it costs. Finn Nelson has put together a relatively simple and easy to follow training course together here that helps put new marketers on the road. The fact is that lists are key to most online operations and if you are starting out (the target audience for Extra Income Game Plan), then I think that you can do a lot worse.

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