FB Infiltrator Review

What is the product about?

Created by Precious Ngwu, FB Infiltrator is a WordPress plugin that creates landing pages that are designed to be uploaded to Facebook.

What is the product?

FB Infiltrator uses its specially designed web pages to try and lure people into providing the relevant details so you can add them to your mailing list according to creator Precious Ngwu. The pages created by FB Infiltrator are made to look like Facebook adverts so to the average user, they will not feel as put off as if it were customised and stood out/looked different. The pages are fundamentally either landing pages or opt in forms. Once a list has been established users can then set them to work trying to generate revenue through sales of products etc.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Precious Ngwu has chosen to make FB Infiltrator available for a single payment of $47. He also provides a 30 day window in which users can claim a refund. In terms of the rate of return it is rather difficult to value as the nature of FB Infiltrator means that it does not directly generate income. With a large enough list it seems reasonable to expect some increase in sales but I am not convinced that will be the case.

Does the product provide value for money?

For reasons I shall outline below I don’t believe that FB Infiltrator does represent value for money.


There is reasonable argument to suggest that FB Infiltrator will work as advertised and this is where I personally perceive its biggest weakness as a product. The problem with targeting people through Facebook is that the general quality of your lists will likely be generally quiet poor. The fact is you are looking at a casual audience and unless you have something that everybody wants to buy you are already at a disadvantage. Personally I think that there are much better targeted marketing techniques that will produce smaller lists but with a potentially much higher conversion rates.



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