Flippa Niche Research Tool Review

Developed by Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali, Flippa Niche Research Tool is an online application that uses sites for sale on Flippa to identify niches and keywords.

What is the product?

Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali have created Flippa Niche Research Tool to reverse engineer sites that are for sale on Flippa. They claim that the software identifies that are ranked on Google and looks for top keywords associated with those sites. It then provides users with the ranking of the website which allegedly helps in identifying profitable niches.

Flippa Niche Research Tool also provides users with the top 5 keywords attached to these websites to streamline the process of making your own site search engine optimised. Armed with this information Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali say that you can identify unlimited numbers of niches and keywords with a view to creating your own top ranked website. Also provided are four bonus products. These are comprised of PR Power Shot Software by Walt Baylis, Cutting Edge Keyword Research by Alex Safie, Commando YouTube Softwares by Tony Hayes and Keyword Mole by Sean Colman.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali are offering access to Flippa Niche Research Tool for a one off cost of $12.99. This represents an alleged discount as Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali say that they would usually sell Flippa Niche Research Tool for $67. In terms of return on your investment it is difficult to quantify.

Using Flippa Niche Research Tool and the resulting information to create a top ranked niche website Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali suggest that you could be making as much as $25 per click in ad revenue or you could look to sell your website on directly. Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali say that they sold a website after 5 months for $4,000 although there is no mention about how much time was put into setting the site up etc.

Does the product provide value for money?

I think that if you use Flippa Niche Research tool as just that, a research tool then there is definitely something to be taken away from it, although realistically this only really counts if you are able to get it at the discounted rate. If you plan to use Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali’s product with a view to “cloning” websites and selling them for profit I think you will be sorely disappointed, especially given the work involved.


Flippa Niche Research Tool is rather unlike anything I have seen before and this is perhaps most evident in its approach to SEO. Warrior Faraaz and Wajahath Ali state throughout that getting a top ranked webpage on Google is as easy as “cloning” existing websites but this is far from the case. As mentioned above if you choose to use Flippa Niche Research Tools for identifying possible niches then it may be of benefit but I don’t believe that it will make developing a top ranked website any easier at all.

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