FX Profits Evolution Review

What is the product?

Created by David Grace, FX Profits Evolution is a piece of software that is allegedly designed to exploit a loophole to generate profit.

What is the product?

FX Profits Evolution is a downloadable piece of software created by David Grace that is allegedly able to produce a consistent profit. Based off the marketing material FX Profits Evolution seems to provide some kind of indicators for users although it also later states that this is operates on autopilot so it could go either way. As touced upon, FX Profits Evolution allegedly utilises some kind of loophole although this seems to be the work of some rather lazy marketing rather than necessarily having any factual basis.

I say this because David Grace later “explains” this loophole as the fact that FX Profits Evolution can predict trends before they happen (something that naturally comes with no further explanation).

All of this seems somewhat dubious to me. Whilst I always acknowledge that a marketer shouldn’t give away everything about their products, there has to be enough for people to make an informed decision. Speculative analysis aside, FX Profits Evolution is MT4 compatible and allegedly is able to trade any currency pairs successfully as well as commodities such as gold and oil, something that most of the Forex software I have looked at can’t do.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

David Grace claims that for a limited time only, FX Profits Evolution is available for just $47 (although I suspect that this is a marketing ploy). There is a money back guarantee provided in the form of the standard ClickBank 60 day guarantee. In terms of the profitability, David Grace claims that FX Profits Evolution is able to generate 250 pips of profit each day. The dollar value of this will be dependent on how much you invest.

Does the product provide value for money?

All things considered I am not convinced that FX Profits Evolution does represent value for money.


The lack of evidence is the most off putting aspect of FX Profits Evolution. The fact that David Grace has chosen to sell this through ClickBank suggests some validity to FX Profits Evolution but that on its own isn’t enough for me. The fact is that there are some rather bold claims made with nothing to back them up and that isn’t good enough for me.




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