GBS Horse Racing Review

What is the product about?

Created by Lorraine and Simon Foreman, GBS Horse Racing is a betting system that allegedly utilises the same methods as bookmakers.

What is the product?

As I have stated, GBS Horse Racing is a horse racing system that rather curiously is only available as a mail order product, despite having a website. Using this information it seems safe to assume that GBS Horse Racing is a physical item rather than the usual PDF document. Lorraine and Simon Foreman say that GBS Horse Racing has been designed to work through any bookmakers whether in store or online. GBS Horse Racing is also claimed to use the same methods of picking winners that bookmakers use. This is I feel a rather ambiguous statement and I am unsure of how this works and Lorraine and Simon Foreman certainly don’t offer anything to enlighten on this matter.

Although the website itself is rather sparsely populated you can request a free information document which unfortunately contains nothing of any real use other than further (somewhat crude in my opinion) sales talk.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

GBS Horse Racing is definitely not cheap and at £300 is one of the most expensive horse racing systems I have looked at. The payment is broken down into 2 £150 payments. One for buying the system and the second 2 months after this period. It is worth noting at this point that despite Lorraine and Simon Foreman saying that you are guaranteed to make money, there is no refund policy.

The potential profitability is claimed to be anywhere between £50-£500 per day but evidence of this is very scant with the only “results” presented as “Six months ago bank £200. 26 winning days out of 26. Average winning price per day 4.8-1. Total Profit 125 points.”

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t think that GBS Horse Racing provides value for money at all.


There is a lot about GBS Horse Racing that I don’t like, from the cumbersome and outdated setup (which I imagine is to either circumvent certain laws regarding online sales or possibly to appeal to an older market that may be seen as an easier target). to the outlandish claims that are not backed up anywhere. I just can’t see any salvation or positives to this and I would personally recommend avoiding GBS Horse Racing completely.



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