Horse Laying Professionals

Product Name: Horse Laying Professionals

Provided by, Horse Laying Professionals is an email subscription service that provides tips for lay betting on horse racing.

What is the product?

The tipping service provided by Horse Laying Professionals comes in the form of daily emails. These are sent out Monday – Saturday. The creators of Horse Laying Professionals say that each email will have up to 5 tips each with odds of between 2.0 and 6.0 to keep potential losses down. The system itself is form based with the creator saying that they dedicate two hours per day to studying the race cards for the day.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Horse Laying Professionals comes with a £7 one month trial. After this the subscription cost goes up to £37 per month. There aren’t any specific claims made about how much users can make although it is worth noting that the creators of Horse Laying Professionals claim to have turned £250 into just short of £1000. This doesn’t seem worth looking into too much though as they also point out in the disclaimer that the earnings shown are illustrative and not indicative of any future results.

Does the product provide value for money?

The pricing is about right for this kind of service so there are no complaints in that regard. The month long trial is cheap and should give you the chance to see if the system is for you with a minimal loss. For a minimum of 6 tips per week I suppose all things considered this is a product that provides value although it is hugely dependent on what the actual results are.


The lack of solid figures or evidence of income is a cause for concern that cannot be overlooked. This is a massive shame because otherwise Horse Laying Professionals has the makings of a pretty fine lay betting tip system. The number of tips is reasonable and as its daily it allows for a consistent income. It’s just impossible to overlook the lack of evidence on display.

Final Conclusion

Even the questionable testimonials and screenshots of bank balances on other sales sites are something, even if they aren’t overly tangible. Here there is just a wall of text that talks about lay betting but not the stuff customers want to know about. The good core of Horse Laying Professionals just isn’t enough to save it in this case. The lack of polish on the sales page just leads me to question the polish on the rest of the product.


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