Horse Racing Tips MP Review

Horse Racing Tips MP is a tipping system for horse racing. The system is sold on a monthly subscription basis.

What is the product?

As mentioned above Horse Racing Tips MP is a subscription service that sends out daily emails or texts that contain one or two selections. As well as the selections the system tells you how much to bet with each choice being labelled 1-3 with 3 being the highest. The selections are supposed to be sent out before 11 each day but the creators of the system say that they may be released any time. So how does Horse Racing Tips MP work? Details are sketchy, and by sketchy I mean none existent. There is a page on the site that talks about a few other systems that are on offer and these are form based so it doesn’t seem like a massive leap to assume that Horse Racing Tips MP is based on the same principles.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

At £25 per month Horse Racing Tips MP is pretty fairly priced in the market. Where it hits its first hurdle is that there isn’t a refund policy in place, something that is pretty much standard with any product these days. The second hurdle (which is much larger) only becomes apparent when you start digging around. First of all there is the meagre 19% strike rate.

There is no polite way of saying that for £25 per month this isn’t really good enough. Especially when you look at the profits that comes along with it. The profits for Horse Racing Tips MP over 6 months is 19.6 points, so yes, Horse Racing Tips MP operates in the black but for their subscribers you would barely be out of the red. Based on a £10 per point basis this means that your profit would be £196. For 6 months. But that isn’t everything though as you also have your £150 that the 6 months subscription fees come in at. That puts your profits down to £46. For 6 months. A little over £7.50 per month.

Does the product provide value for money?

If someone came up to you in the street and offered you £32.50 for £25 you would likely take that deal right away. What about if they asked you £225 to pay you back £232.50 at the end of the month? All of a sudden that doesn’t represent such great value and that is what you are looking at with Horse Racing Tips MP. You are dealing with the reality of having money tied up in the betting system with a view to a small profit at the end of the month and that isn’t a value for money product.


Looking at the facts available there just doesn’t seem to be any redeeming features for Horse Racing Tips MP. The amount of profit barely seems worthwhile. It doesn’t seem unfeasible that you would spend an hour over the course of the month and £7.50 for an hour of your time just isn’t enough when competitors are offering significantly larger profits and that is the bottom line. Horse Racing Tips MP just does not produce enough profit.

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