Income Blueprint Workshop Review

Starr has developed her Income Blueprint Workshop as a training program to teach users how to successfully market products online.

What is the product?

Income Blueprint Workshop is (as mentioned above) a training program that utilises a series of videos created by Sarah Starr with the intention of teaching users the best way to use online marketing to generate income. The videos themselves run from 45 minutes to around an hour and a half and there are 10 of these with a few having guest appearances by Mark Lyford, Rob Cornish and Martin Avis.

The core videos claim to teach on a wide variety of subjects such as outsourcing, membership sites and creating subscriber lists. There are also several bonuses in the form of transcripts and mp3s of the videos and also a one hour consultation call with Sarah Starr which she says she would normally charge $200 for.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Income Blueprint Workshop isn’t cheap and weighs in at $147 for the program. If you are unhappy with the program or it proves unprofitable then Sarah Starr offers a full 30 day money back guarantee. In terms of your return on this investment, it’s rather difficult to quantify. As Income Blueprint Workshop is a training scheme there isn’t technically any monetary outcome. That having been said Sarah Starr says that once you have completed your training you should be well positioned to earn up to hundreds of dollars per day.

Does the product provide value for money?

In order to assess the value of Income Blueprint Workshop there are a few things to consider. Firstly is whether or not the product is worth the $147 when laid next to some of its cheaper rivals. I think the answer to that is a pretty resounding yes. Sarah Starr certainly seems to know her way around online marketing and this is supported by over 12 hours of video that makes up the foundation of the course.

The second is whether or not her claims of hundreds of dollars per day is feasible. This comes down to how hard you want to work at it. As with any online business the potential for profit is always there, it’s just that realising that potential can be a long and arduous process that few really commit to. On balance I’d say yes, Income Blueprint Workshop is good value for money.


There is a lot about Income Blueprint Workshop that I like. There isn’t any beating around the bush and lush promises of exotic holidays and sports cars, it is straight forward and to the point. The testimonials provided seem to be the real deal and overall Sarah Starr seems like somebody who may be worth keeping an eye on for future product releases.


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