Jon Williams Betting Review

Product Name: Jon Williams Betting

What is the product about?

Jon Williams has put his name to his betting system for all-weather racing, Jon Williams Betting.

What is the product?

Covering the 4 all weather racing tracks in the UK (Southwell, Wolverhampton, Lingfield and Kempton) Jon’s system claims to show its users how to make informed decisions for betting on races. Jon says that his system is based on his own hard work and “trial and error” but unfortunately passes on no further information on how it works or his basis.

This in its own rights wouldn’t be problematic but then Jon announces his strike rate which is exceptionally low at just 23.8%. This lack of information under the circumstances doesn’t instil any sense of confidence at all.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

For £20 you receive 4 different systems (one for each track) in a bundle. There is also an upsell service once this has been paid offering a tip service on top of the system itself. There is a 60 day guarantee available through Click Bank to purchasers of Jon Williams Betting which offers some degree of security.

Jon recommends a flat stake of £25 per race so this cost has to be factored in too. In terms of the return on your investment Jon doesn’t provide any real details but does say that he has generate £9,704.50 through his system since 01/01/12. When you look at the profit this generates it doesn’t seem as impressive a figure amounting to just over £440 per month.

Does the product provide value for money?

£440 per month isn’t a huge amount of money to earn each month, especially given the stake. Because of the low strike rate it doesn’t seem implausible that bettors could be down over £200 in a week. Even if you will make it back and end up in the black it’s not an insignificant amount to be in the red for any period of time. I also think there are other betting systems that offer a more complete package, a better strike rate and higher profits.


There doesn’t really seem to be a whole lot to recommend in terms of Jon Williams Betting. It doesn’t seem to be a terrible product and actually has a proven profit although that profit just doesn’t amount to enough for me. One of the issues I take with any betting system that “teaches” you how to use it is it puts all responsibility back on the punter.

If something starts going wrong then the user may not be using the system properly etc. Even applying that handicap to all betting systems there are others that actually provide some insight into their methods that offer a higher strike rate and much more money. Yes, they are more costly, but sometimes in life you really do get what you pay for.

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