JVZ Sales Maximizer Review

What is the product about?

Created by Aaron Danker, JVZ Sales Maximizer is a training course designed to teach users how to market products through JVZoo.

What is the product?

JVZ Sales Maximizer is essentially a step by step guide to launching an advertising campaign through JVZoo and using its features to get the most out your product sales. The guide comes in video format and the videos are arranged in 10 modules each of which cover a different aspect of marketing. JVZ Sales Maximizer only covers JVZoo so it operates in a pretty tight niche but the product seems well researched and although not hugely in depth covers what it does properly. Ideally you would have your own product to use with JVZ Sales Maximizer but if not the creator, Aaron Danker offers a complete business in a box proposition.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There are three levels of access with JVZ Sales Maximizer at three very different prices. For access to the videos and nothing else you can expect to pay $9.95. The next level costs $37 and essentially offers resell rights to various other products as well as a few basic marketing products. The final package will set you back $67 and this is the complete business in a box I mentioned earlier. It comes with all the marketing materials you need as well as resell rights to start marketing a product directly onto JVZoo. In terms of a rate of return on JVZ Sales Maximizer Aaron Danker doesn’t make any specific claims. Because of the basic nature of JVZ Sales Maximizer though I wouldn’t expect to see any immediate income.

Does the product provide value for money?

I believe if you are new to internet marketing then JVZ Sales Maximizer offers a lot for the money in terms of training. I am less convinced by the more expensive packages.


JVZ Sales Maximizer is cheap in terms of the training alone and this is where the product falls down a bit in my eyes. The training is ideal if you are new to JVZoo and want a complete guide you can easily refer back to. In that regard Aaron Danker delivers by the bucket load. The resell rights I am not as keen on because I know from looking at other products that Aaron Danker has launched that he packages resale rights on some level or another most of the time. This leads me to question how many other people are you competing at when you try to sell his product.



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