Leaf It Review

Leaf It is an online marketing company that provide targeted marketing for websites.

What is the product?

This is more akin to the opening lines of a philosophical debate when applied to Leaf It. The fact is that there doesn’t seem to really be a tangible product. There are plenty of buzz words and the terms website and marketing are applied liberally. This where I hit a block though as I am unsure as to who these products are actually being marketed. It feels like Leaf It wants to use models like ClickBank for their inspiration but instead end up with some bastardised version.

Even the mission statement of Leaf It is confusing stating: “[Leaf It want to] bring the best aspects of Network Marketing together with real products designed to help businesses grow, help communities come closer together, and empower our Associates with a wonderful opportunity for financial success.” This would be all well and good but despite looking I could find no such products available.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Leaf It is free to sign up for (through a referrer) and then after that costs will depend on how much of the service you take advantage of. In terms of the rate of return, I have no idea. It is never discussed and because of the lack of information on what exactly is on offer it is difficult to estimate.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe that Leaf It does provide value for money.


There isn’t anything about Leaf It that I find reassuring as a potential consumer. Their website lacks detail and direction and doesn’t tell you anything about what exactly it is you will be selling. There is an expansive training course but after two sections on what a pyramid scheme is legally, I found myself less and less impressed. The whole set up just seems questionable and feels a bit too close to a pyramid scheme for my personal comfort. That isn’t to disparage the product, it may be ideal for some users, but definitely not for me.

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