Lottoland Review

Lottoland is a website that brings together a number of lotteries from across the UK, Europe and United States allowing users to keep everything “in one place”.

What is The Product All About?

Lottoland offers users the ability to purchase tickets for the UK Lotto, the Euro Millions and the Euro Jackpot. Perhaps the biggest draw of Lottoland is that for the same price as the initial ticket (£2) users can opt in to their DoublePot. This means that if you were to win the jackpot on a lottery through Lottoland they would double the jackpot.

How does the particular product work?

The company are based in Gibraltar and so are eligible to play lotteries across Europe. Lottoland essentially purchase a ticket on your behalf and in the event that you win the jackpot is provided to you, the player. The DoublePot is an insurance policy that Lottoland have in place so in the event that you do score a win with DoublePot active you are guaranteed the funds.

What is the initial investment amount?

The service is free so the only costs involved are the cost of the lottery ticket and if you so choose, the double pot meaning you would pay no more than £4 per ticket. The site also offers first time players a money back guarantee on any tickets should they not win (the cost of the tickets can be used to play a second time but may not be withdrawn).

What is the rate of potential return?

As this is a lotto system there is no set rate of return. The odds are expectedly low of winning although with the DoublePot in place, a win on the maximum amount for the Euro Millions would be £300 million.

What is your Conclusion

For existing lotto players there is a lot here to like. It streamlines the purchasing system online by offering grouped tickets (for example 5 tickets with random numbers selected). The main draw though is of course the DoublePot system.

The opportunity to double your winnings in the admittedly rare event of a jackpot win is a very tempting one. The fact is though regardless of whether you wish to take advantage of DoublePot or not it is helpful to have everything there in a single online account. The money back is a great little introductory offer and really helps polish a neat little package.

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