Mary Kay Review Networking

Mary Kay is a cosmetics company that rank amongst the largest companies in this industry. Although Mary Kay is a massive name in the US it hasn’t enjoyed the same success in the UK.

About The Company

Since 1963 Mary Kay Ash has been selling her cosmetic products through a multi level marketing medium. The company has since grown to almost 2.5 million sellers around the world. Mary Kay products often feature amongst the best selling brands in their relevant categories. For example, Mary Kay is in the 10 best selling skin care companies. Although Mary Kay are a massive global name the company have never quite broken into the UK market the way that rivals Avon have.

What Product am I Selling?

There are four main types of product that Mary Kay sells. These are skincare products, Mary Kay fragrances, hair care and a range of male grooming products. As a Mary Kay representative it is your duty to market the products which is typically done through demonstrations and hosting events to show off the wares.

How to Apply and Training

Application for Mary Kay is handled mainly through online application. Whilst there is no cost involved in starting up it is highly recommended that you pay £29 for a starter kit which allows you to demonstrate the products and entice buyers. Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any formal training (at least none is mentioned), there is an extensive support network of Mary Kay representatives that you can draw upon.

How Much Can This Earn?

Commission for sales through Mary Kay is “up to 40%” of the value of sales. There are additional bonuses and incentives as well as this varying from holidays to jewellery and even in certain cases a car.


Mary Kay is a solid brand in the United States. In terms of the UK, it simply hasn’t reached the same heights as Avon. This creates a divisive look on this with the pessimistic outlook being that you should go to Avon, but another way of looking at Mary Kay is that you are operating I a less competitive market and so you can build up a larger customer base. The success of a Mary Kay operation would be realistically entirely dependent on how hard you are willing to sell a relatively unknown brand.



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