Money Makers Code Review

Developed by Anthony Gillen, Money Makers Code is a free piece of binary options software that is currently in beta. To gain access you have to sign up with Empire Option.

What is the product?

Information on Money Makers Code is frankly, shockingly scarce. Even the promotional videos don’t tell you what the product is and it is only by going to a link that tells you to register that you are able to ascertain that this is binary options software. Even then this is only because Anthony Gillen’s chosen broker Empire Option has that on their homepage. The Money Makers Code is currently claimed to be in beta with Anthony Gillen claiming his intent to sell it as a full product once it is fully developed.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Technically Money Makers Code is free although you do have to sign up with Empire Option which will require a deposit of anywhere between $250 and $500. This free trial period is also claimed to be limited to just 85 people who will be allowed to use it as beta testers. In terms of return on investment for Money Makers Code, the only figure that is really mentioned is Anthony Gillen saying you should target yourself minimum daily earnings of $1250.

Does the product provide value for money?

For reasons I shall outline below I don’t think Money Makers Code does provide value for money.


The most concerning part for me about Money Makers Code is the lack of information available about the product. Although this is standard fair with binary options trading software that uses this kind of set up, Anthony Gillen really takes it to the extreme with this. At no point during the video is it mentioned what you will be doing and this puts me even more off a business model I already dislike intensely.

These kind of products seem to exist only to earn referral commissions for marketers at the expense of people who perhaps don’t know what they are signing up for.

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