Money on Demand Review Ben Cook

Money on Demand is a betting service provided by Mr. Benjamin Cook based on information supplied by an “ex-jockey” friend of his. The system claims to have a 98% strike rate.

What does this particular product offer?

Money on Demand is an automatic betting prediction system that claims to provide “sure-fire winners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” for just a few minutes per day. The system really aims itself at novices claiming it requires no previous experience or real betting knowledge.

How does the product work for me?

The product is built around tips provided by the aforementioned alleged ex-jockey friend of Mr. Cook’s. The system also claims that the system is “scientifically verified and tested” using an “unbeatable mathematical code”. Using all these magical and fantastical systems Mr. Cook will guarantee you Money on Demand for the rest of your life.

What is the initial investment on this?

The system usually retails at £19.99 but is currently available for the lower price of £10. On top of this cost (as with any betting or trading system) you will require an amount of money to bet with although this can be as high or low as you wish. Further to this Money on Demand offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return once invested?

Money on Demand claims to have a 98% strike rate that allowed Mr. Cook within 5 minutes of first using the system to have allegedly made £102. The next day, £323 and within three months had accumulated a total of £8,859. Using Money on Demand the profits now allegedly stand at £5000 per month.

Your conclusion on this

In my opinion this has all the hallmarks of something being not quite right. There is the claim of an insanely high strike rate. If you had a betting system that was correct almost 100% of the time surely a £5000 profit could be very easily scaled up?

Then there is the mysterious ex-jockey friend. On paper this adds some legitimacy to the claim but with such a ludicrously high strike rate it is difficult to believe this carries much weight. All that having been said the product is exceptionally cheap at the moment due to the sale and at £10, the less cynical amongst us may see this as a worthwhile punt.


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