Only 34 Review

What is the product about?

Developed by James Alexander, Only 34 is a piece of binary trading software. The software is linked to Option Rally binary brokers.

What is the product?

Only 34 is a piece of binary trading software that James Alexander is giving away as part of his 34th birthday celebrations. He says that the software has been capped at $29,411.76 per month and that you will earn this much. Putting aside James Alexander’s marketing of himself as an eccentric internet millionaire there isn’t much about the product itself mentioned.

The software is tied down to Option Rally binary brokers whom James Alexander claims are the only brokers that would allow him use of his software. Personally, I find the attempts to overlook the shallowness of discussion about the product by presenting himself as the star of the show a little worrying. I would find it much easier to put my faith in a products figures rather than the figure that created it.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Only 34 is a free product and the only cost that you should encounter is the $200 deposit with Option Rally. As mentioned above James Alexander says that you will make $29,411.76 each month and the software is capped so that you cannot earn above this. The reason for this is because he supposedly wants to share $1,000,000 each month with 34 people (as it’s his 34th birthday). Personally I find this a little contrived but that doesn’t alter the fact that those are James Alexander’s claimed profits.

Does the product provide value for money?

As Only 34 is free it is hard to call it anything other than value for money.


James Alexander claims the fact that he is giving his software away for free is proof that he has earned as much money as he claims using it. This reasoning falls apart though when you consider that there is likely affiliate fees involved, if James Alexander doesn’t represent Option Rally directly.

This isn’t the first product I’ve seen recently that operates on this kind of set up suggesting this could be something of a trend. Perhaps there are chances to generate income through these kinds of product, but because of the nature of them it is difficult to remain anything other than sceptical about any long term profits.

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