Penny Stock Prophet Review

What is the product about?

Created by James Connelly, Penny Stock Prophet is a service in which the creator identifies penny stocks that he claims should increase their value.

What is the product?

With Penny Stock Prophet users get access to creator James Connelly’s selections as well as his research that shows why a company is worth investing in. These are sent out via email although this isn’t a daily service. The selections are based off 4 secret variables that James Connelly combines with Psychological Support Levels to analyse the chances of values going up.

All of Penny Stock Prophets selections are fully researched after being identified and as mentioned above a report will be sent out detailing why this is a good investment. Psychological Support Levels aren’t new and it is the four variables that potentially make Penny Stock Prophet a winner, although James Connelly is open about the fact that there is risk involved and that there are no guarantees when dealing with stocks.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

James Connelly sells Penny Stock Prophet for a one off payment of $47 through ClickBank. As this is a ClickBank product there is the usual 60 day money back guarantee in place which is reassuring. In terms of potential income, Penny Stock Prophet claims that you can start out with $1,000 and become a millionaire in less than 40 trades. The only downside to this is it does involve a hypothetical return of 20% which (for reasons I shall explain below) is only reasonably viable to a point.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I am not convinced by Penny Stock Prophet but that doesn’t mean that this won’t work for everybody.


First to address my big issue with Penny Stock Prophet which is this. Because of the costs involved of single shares in penny stock trades, there is a limit to the volume that you can reasonably sell. That means that once you hit a certain level I think you will struggle to surpass that. Even if that weren’t the case there is a huge amount of risk involved with penny stock trading, something that whilst mentioned, I don’t think Penny Stock Prophet ever really demonstrates.

Personally, I’d avoid Penny Stock Prophet but for some risk takers, they may find this to their taste.

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