Racing Consultants Review

What is the product about?

Created by horse racing experts Rory Delargy and David Massey, Racing Consultants is an email based horse racing tipster service.

What is the product?

Racing Consultants is a subscription based tipster service that draws heavily on the knowledge of the creators, Rory Delargy and David Massey. They are both pundits within the racing world and they appear to draw heavily on this knowledge and experience when making selections. They even go as far as to say that they have 10,000+ hours of experience in the field, something that journalist Malcolm Gladwell once famously proclaims makes you an expert.

The selections themselves are not typical fair as they don’t just come in a list with a name, race and time. The Racing Consultants selections come with a detailed analysis that show why selections have been made. This is something that I applaud and in the few other examples of tipsters providing this, people have pointed out that it has helped them to improve their own understanding of choosing horses.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Racing Consultants is available on a monthly or annual subscription at a cost of £29.95 or £199 respectively. It is worth noting that Rory Delargy and David Massey do not provide a money back guarantee but this is generally standard practise amongst tipsters. In terms of profitability, there is an unfortunate lack of proofing however Racing Consultants is claimed to be 55.53 points in profit as of June 29th which represents a 3 week period since Racing Consultants launched.

Does the product provide value for money?

It is early days yet and so it is difficult to gauge whether Racing Consultants represents value for money. What I can say is that it is fairly priced when compared to the competition.


It is early days for Racing Consultants and I am personally not particularly inclined to cast too harsh a judgement on it. I would definitely like to see some proper proofing as at the moment you are simply taking somebodies word that a product is successful. Otherwise this seems to have some potential and is probably worth watching.

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