Racing Net Review

What is the product about?

Developed by Pro Gambling Products, Racing Net is a piece of software that claims to be able to forecast race winners.

What is the product?

Racing Net is a Windows compatible piece of software that has been developed by Pro Gambling Products. Racing Net is designed to narrow down the winner selection in UK and Irish races. What Racing Net actually does is choose three potential winners from the line up. It is then up to you as a user to decide who to back on what basis (win, place or each way). So far this sounds fine but my biggest doubts stem from the fact that Racing Net makes no effort to explain how it is able to achieve any of this.

Pro Gambling Products seems very reliant on users simply accepting that it works. Furthermore there is no proofing whatsoever. This lack of evidence of Racing Net working is a huge point of contention for me.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Racing Net costs £47 which is a one of payment for a lifetime license. Very unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee or refund policy (something that I find particularly disappointing since you are essentially buying Racing Net blind). There isn’t even any exploration of how much you can expect to earn.

If it works as advertised though you are essentially looking at narrowing your selection from eight to three. If combined properly with place bets Racing Net could provide a small but stable profit.

Does the product provide value for money?

I can find no reason to believe that Racing Net does provide value for money.


Racing Net makes a lot of bold claims but frankly, I don’t believe it does anything to substantiate them. All the sales text seems to be a pointed effort to obfuscate any information and this combined with a lack of refund suggests to me that Racing Net may not work as claimed.

Personally I see nothing here worth investing in other than empty claims and as a result I would avoid Racing Net.


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