Racing Success System Review

What is the product about?

Racing Success System is a system by Mr. Mark Boyle (previously of Racing Winners and Racing Profits) that claims to be able to teach you how to analyse certain types of horse racing with a view to generating a profit. There is also a subscription service available running for 6 or 12 months that provides you with tips.

What does the product offer?

Mr. Boyle offers a system that bucks the usual trends and instead offers a “solid system” that combines a set of filters with “solid money management”. Mr. Boyle states that he created Racing Success System with the intention of creating a system that has longer term winning potential. Racing Success System also openly admits that you may suffer losing runs bit then states that the winning odds will allow you to absorb a bad run. The program teaches you how to analyse horse racing events that are UK turf meetings only and so does not cover all weather meetings.

How does the product work?

The product is about educating you rather than giving you the answers by providing parameters that if met indicate a likely winning outcome and the product seems to be rather time intensive, presumably because you are not just ticking boxes that you are told to. This does however mean that rather than relying on others you are potentially setting yourself up with a skill set that can be applied for the medium/long term.

What is the initial investment?

The product itself costs £29 with additional subscriptions available for £69 for 6 months and £99 for 12 months. Both of these rates include the cost of the manual. On top of this cost you will have whatever you set aside for you bet bank which is typically between £150 and £500. There is a 30 day guarantee in the event you are unhappy with the service.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is not explicitly stated although Mr. Boyle claims the following point returns thus far:

July +9
Aug +4
Sep +21
Oct +21

If these are in fact real representations of the product then there is some potential for small profit but it seems that quite a large stake would be needed in order to really make any money although this is often the case with any betting system.


The approach taken by Mr. Boyle differs greatly from that of many of his competitors and it is this fact that actually raises a few flags for me. What Mr. Boyle cleverly does with his Racing Success System is take the onus off him and places it on the customers. Not only that but you are paying for an education which in terms of the long term may prove profitable but there seems to be too many possible outcomes if you choose to take this on.

It also seems to deal with a very small and narrow niche which will always reduce any potential profit, especially compared to some of the other systems out there that cover a much more varied and perhaps most importantly, more profitable. I also think of some significant concern is that this is the third system that Mr. Boyle has released. If this were simply updating his methods one would not anticipate subscribers having to purchase a new book every year.

Overall, this is something that I think I would personally look to avoid. It isn’t the amount of time and work required, it’s more that there seems to be much better and more certain products out there.

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