Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint Review

What is the product about?

Sarah Staar presents her self titled Beginners Blueprint training course that is designed to teach users the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is the product?

Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint is packaged as a series of 4 videos that run for 10 – 20 minutes each with each video module providing training on different aspects of affiliate marketing. Briefly these are intro and researching a topic, promoting a website, video marketing and product launches. The videos do not go overly in depth so Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint would be ideal for somebody new to affiliate marketing. As well as all this Sarah Staar provides training for setting up a WordPress site in the form of WordPress training, a bonus set of videos.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint costs $17 and Sarah Staar provides a 30 day money back guarantee with this. When weighing up the returns for Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint it becomes rather difficult to monetise. First and foremost Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint is a training course so results should be qualitative rather than quantitative. The closest you can expect to get in terms of a statement on the return is Sarah Staar saying that Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint will help you make your first $100 quickly and easily.

Does the product provide value for money?

I think that Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint does provide good value for money.


Sarah Staar’s products rarely miss the mark and that is also the case with Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint. Yes it is a little bit on the basic side but that is clearly marked in the title. The fact is that Sarah Staar has compiled a user friendly guide to setting up a website for affiliate marketing. The only downside is that where Sarah makes it out to be very simple to make money with Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint I don’t believe that this will be the case although this isn’t really any more than marketing hype. All in all I can think of a number of worse introductory programs to affiliate marketing for the same price, if not more than Sarah Staar’s Beginners Blueprint.



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