Secret Tips for Sale Review

Devised by Maximus – The Great Tipping Detective, Secret Tips for Sale is an email tipping service that users can subscribe to.

What is the product?

The creators of Secret Tips for Sale claim to use detailed analysis of horses and their jockeys in order to produce the most accurate tipping service they can. They do indeed appear to cover a large number of factors such as horses that were unlucky in a race, whether they were ran to their full ability or whether there was a jockey error that may have affected their final position.

The service itself comes in the form of daily tips as well as information on why the horse tipped to win has been chosen. As well as offering reassurance this allows users insight into the system and allows them to garner a better understanding. There is also advice provided on how much to stake with potential bets rated between one and four points. As an added little bonus Secret Tips for Sale provide details of where the best odds for their selection can be obtained.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Secret Tips for Sale offers 3 different levels of subscription. The content is the same but each tier offers a lengthier subscription and better value. They are Bronze which provides 28 days for £40, Silver which provides 90 days for £99 and Gold which provides 6 months for £170. There is also a free 14 day free trial in place for new users. In terms of a return of investment, Secret Tips for Sale don’t offer any claims on their page but a search for their results show that they have produced an overall profit of 109.95 points since July 2013.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given there is a 14 day free trial in place there certainly doesn’t seem to be anything to lose. It’s worth noting to new users that Secret Tips for Sale seem to be on a bit of a downward trend at the moment so paper betting is advised initially. That having been said they have consistently produced a small profit at the end of a 6 month period which is no easy feat.


Secret Tips for Sale don’t seem to have been around all that long. Their proofing on shows that they have been operational there since July which means that they are still essentially an untested system. Profit has been generated long term so far but the above mentioned downward trend doesn’t seem promising. It has lasted most of November and whilst I hope they can pick this up and prove otherwise, at the moment Secret Tips for Sale is not a worthwhile investment.

Personally I’d keep an eye on those proofing results and once (or if) they turn them around then it may be worth looking at investing then.

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