Soccer ATM Review

What is the product about?

Created by Steve Davidson, Soccer ATM is a betting system that focuses on football betting with an emphasis on the over 2.5 goals market. There is an additional system for correct scores.

What is the product?

Soccer ATM is a specialised betting and tipster service provided by Steve Davidson. All bets are for the over 2.5 goals market, something that has been chosen for its liquidity. Steve Davidson says that Soccer ATM is able to work by taking advantage of data that he has paid for, the same data used by bookies and professionals. Outside of this the workings of Soccer ATM aren’t discussed. The service is alleged to have average odds of 1.76 and a strike rate of 71%. Attached to the Soccer ATM sales page is another product that is designed to work for predicting scores. This cross sell is claimed to work with Soccer ATM but Steve Davidson doesn’t really provide evidence of how.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Soccer ATM is not cheap costing £39.97 per month of £99.91 for 3. On top of this are additional costs for the added system which can be purchased for an additional £49.97. In terms of profitability, Steve Davidson claims that Soccer ATM made 225.13 points of profit over a month. He then says that over the next 14 days it earned just 20.5 points. If you were to opt for the cross sell you could allegedly expect as much as 184.42 points of profit in a fortnight.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe that Soccer ATM does provide value for money.


Tipster services are a competitive niche and I am of the opinion that Soccer ATM is simply too expensive. Not just does it rather considerably out price its rivals but the results show a worrying lack of consistency, even more so when you think that in order to add to the appeal of Soccer ATM, Steve Davidson has opted to pair a second product with it.

I am not sold on Soccer ATM and would personally be inclined to look elsewhere.

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