Sports Tips Review

Sports Tips is an email based tipster service providing tips for a number sports from the more conventional choices such as football through to handball and volleyball.

What is the product?

Sports Tips is a sports tipster service that covers a huge range of sports. The sports include American sports, football, motor sports and some as different as volleyball and handball. The selections for Sports Tips appear to be analysis based as it seems unlikely that given the sports covered a tipster network is viable. The strike rate stands at a decent 59% since June of 2013. As well as the tips that the Sports Tips team provide users are also able to submit their own tips for other users. The bets placed are varied so it is recommended looking at the list of bookies on Sports Tips.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There is a free 7 day trial for Sports Tips for new users and after this the costs come in at £49 for one month, £89 for a 3 month subscription and £150 for 6 months. Although there is not money back guarantee mentioned users should be able to cancel their subscription without a problem if unhappy with Sports Tips. In terms of the profitability of Sports Tips, it is very difficult to ignore the results with it pulling in 1165.39 points profit. More importantly than this figure though is the consistency with which it has climbed showing no real downturn in the trend.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the so far seemingly sustainable profit, I believe that Sports Tips does provide value for money.


Sports Tips is arguably the first properly profitable tipster service I have seen. The results are outstanding and most importantly seem to continue to grow. The addition of a 7 day free trial is a great thing as it allows you to really get a feel for Sports Tips before buying. All in all I can’t see any reason not to give the service a try.

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