The Tyson Report Review

What is the product about?

Robert Tyson has created The Tyson Report as a training course that is designed to teach users about setting up a profitable online business.

What is the product?

The Tyson Report is the brainchild of Robert Tyson and is ultimately based on his claimed 10 years of running online business. The Tyson Reportis split into 20 modules which Robert Tyson says helps users create a website and business and start turning it into a profitable enterprise. This is done via the training courses that offer near enough step by step instructions on developing your website. The courses come over a number of grades running from Bronze to Platinum with more expensive packages of The Tyson Report containing more additional materials. As well as the core training modules Robert Tyson provides a number of bonus training courses as well.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Depending on what package you opt for The Tyson Report will cost you £37 per month for Bronze, £97 per month for Silver, £177 per month for Gold and £317 per month for Platinum. You can obtain all packages at a reduced rate by paying for a year or two year subscription upfront. In terms of the return on your investment the results will be qualitative rather than quantitative. That aside if The Tyson Report operates as advertised you can probably expect an increase in your profit.

Does the product provide value for money?

I think all things considered The Tyson Report does represent value for money.


Although I don’t see enough in the Silver and higher packages to justify the price hikes Robert Tyson is keen to push them on you. Personally I think that most of the material that the average marketer will want access to is covered in the Bronze package which means unless you see something specific in the Silver, Gold or Platinum packages of The Tyson Report, I would be inclined to keep it cheap.

In terms of the experience of Robert Tyson he claims to have been involved in online business for many years. Regardless of whether this is true I still think he has put together a reasonably attractive package that may warrant a look.

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