Tim Russell’s Private Service Review

What is the product about?

Created by Tim Russell, Tim Russell’s Private Service is a horse racing tipster service offered by Sports World Publishing.

What is the product?

Tim Russell’s Private Service is a daily tipping service that provides users with selections for horse racing with as many as 3 selections on offer at a time. On top of this users will also get double or triple betting advice from Tim Russell if he believes this will be a profitable avenue. Odds are far from amazing on the horses that are backed in Tim Russell’s Private Service ranging from 8/11 which was the lowest to 3/1. In terms of the selection process, nothing is mentioned as Sports World Publishing only say that Tim Russell is a “man off the street and not a professional bettor.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Tim Russell’s Private Service is claimed to be accessible at £40 per month which is actually just pretty close to the average market value in my book. When compared to the £60 of another Sports World Publishing product I looked at recently it is a comparative bargain. There is no mention of Tim Russell’s Private Service coming with a money back guarantee or refund policy so I wouldn’t expect there to be anything of that ilk. In terms of profitability, Tim Russell claims that Tim Russell’s Private Service made £10,754 in just 10 weeks although this is based on £100 stakes. A better reflection would be 107.54 points which is reasonable.

Does the product provide value for money?

Due to the high purchase price I don’t believe that Tim Russell’s Private Service does really provide value for money.


Simply put I don’t believe that Tim Russell’s Private Service delivers results that are adequate for the cost involved. This is an expensive tipster service and whilst it is profitable, I believe that when put in direct competition with other services in this price bracket. Tim Russell’s Private Service isn’t an inherently bad product, it just needs to be more competitive in the market.

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