Trading Slayer Review

What is the product about?

Developed by James Ruskin, Trading Slayer is a piece of software that has been designed for trading binary options whilst minimising risk.

What is the product?

Trading Slayer is plug and play trading software that is compatible with Meta Trader 4. It is designed, according to James Ruskin, to minimise risk using his Volatility Skew Principle. In terms of what this is beyond a fancy name, there is no information at all. I find this rather disappointing as James Ruskin repeatedly refers to it and it would have been nice to have insight into how it works.

Trading Slayer is built upon principals that James Ruskin claims to have developed originally for trading on Forex and his alleged years of experience in this field. He claims that Trading Slayer streamlines the process of trading binary options and simply highlights to the user whether to call or put with a simple visual alert.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Although Trading Slayer is offered for free it is worth noting that James Ruskin will only allow users to use his chosen broker, in this case Redwood Options. The trading bank needed is claimed to be as low as $100 although Redwood Options have a minimum deposit of $200 so keep that in mind when planning finances.

When it comes to your return on investment James Ruskin makes the bold claim that you can expect to double your money every day, a number that is quickly contradicted by his statement that actually, you can expect profits of between 35% and 85%. This revised figure seems much more realistic. James Ruskin also claims to have personally made $2,409,212.58 in a year using Trading Slayer.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the fact Trading Slayer is free; it’s difficult to find arguments against it in terms of value for money. In theory there is very little reason not to try it but in practice it isn’t quite this simple.


Trading Slayer appears to be yet another in an emerging trend of brokers that offer trading systems for free or affiliate themselves with existing products, but tie you down to their services. In the case of Redwood Options they are a relative newcomer and this could well be part of an expansion product. Personally, I’d look elsewhere as I am disinclined to trust any binary trading system that ties down the brokers that you can use.

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