Trainers Quotes Review

Provided by seventeen different horse trainers, Trainers Quotes allows users insight provided by the trainers for the horses that they have running on a given day.

What is the product?

First and foremost, Trainers Quotes is not a tipping service. They are very quick to distance themselves from that tag. They say that they aren’t offering tips, just advice on how they believe their horses will perform and what their current form etc. is. The key differences between what is on offer from Trainers Quotes compared to a traditional tipping service lies in the information that is provided. What comes from Trainers Quotes are opinions from people who have worked with a horse for up to several years. This means that the information they are supplying is likely to be rock solid.

With a traditional tipping service the information is based on observing horses in races or from their own insider tips. This means that what you are receiving is essentially second hand information. That having been said you can reasonably expect that a traditional tipping service will have looked at all the horses rather than just the one that Trainers Quotes would be concerned with. This makes it something of a personal choice as to which offers a better service.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There is a 7 day free trial with Trainers Quotes as well as a range of subscription lengths and costs. They are £27 for 1 month, £67 for 3 months, £117 for 6 months and £197 for the year. As Trainers Quotes are not a tipping service they offer no ROI or strike rate.

Does the product provide value for money?

It is difficult to say whether a product like this represents value for money. The insight is arguably priceless, but only to those who are able to really use it. This means that the average punter will not likely see the full benefit so for those people it would have to be a resounding no. On the other hand for those who are looking to develop a betting system or start up their own tipping service this kind of information is priceless.


Training Quotes operates in something of a niche. There is a lot on offer that is of value but only to the right people. For those who don’t know their way around horse racing and are looking for something to earn them a quick and easy pound this is definitely not what they would be looking for. Instead it is best to view Training Quotes as foundations of knowledge. On its own, it doesn’t necessarily stand to produce an income stream, but if you are willing to build upon it then the sky may well be the limit.

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