UK Property Alerts Review

What is the product about?

Written by and sent out daily by Iain Maitland, UK Property Alerts is a newsletter that gives people information on opportunities for property investment across the UK .

What is the product?

UK Property Alerts is Iain Maitland’s newsletter for property investment within the UK. For those who perhaps don’t know, Iain Maitland is a pretty well-known property investor who has been successfully making money for a number of years. UK Property Alerts deals exclusively (as the name would imply) with property within the UK. Much of what he sends out are investment opportunities that based on research (that is carried out by Iain Maitland) with a view to providing people with an overview of what is on offer. There are usually a few opportunities covered in each issue of UK Property Alert. As this deals with UK based property I believe that the majority of interest will be on a buy to let basis or people who are looking to place a longer term investment with a view to flip the property.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

UK Property Alerts is free to subscribe to. This is down to Iain Maitland receiving commissions for acting as an agent between developers and his clientele (which I believe to be a pretty fair exchange). In terms of returns, it is much more difficult to gauge when dealing with property investment. Realistically this will depend on your investment and how you plan to monetise your investment (i.e. letting or resale).

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the fact that Iain Maitland has made UK Property Alerts available for free I fail to see how it doesn’t represent value for money.


Property investment is something that won’t appeal to everybody, mostly because of the high start-up costs involved. That having been said if you are interested in this UK Property Alerts isn’t a bad place to start. What UK Property Alerts does well is opens your eyes to investment opportunities that perhaps would be missed if looking locally only. That doesn’t mean that this will suit every investor but that doesn’t make UK Property Alerts not worthwhile.


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