Undercover Income Review

What is the product about?

Developed by Jonathan Callen, Undercover Income is a piece of binary options trading software.

What is the product?

Undercover Income is able to follow trends (although there is no mention of what trends) to offer an alleged 90% success rate when trading binary options. According to Jonathan Callen a friends of his initially developed the system whilst working for a large Wall Street company. When the two met he claims they decided to refine and simplify the software and the result is Undercover Income. As well as the success rate Undercover Income allegedly offers the software is also fully automated.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Undercover Income is available for free although Jonathan Callen does restrict which broker service you can use. In this case the brokers are Binary 99. The rate of return is slightly more publicised with Undercover Income allegedly being able to make you $1,000 in 24 hour with Jonathan Callen ultimately claiming you can earn $50,000 in a 2 month period. This would amount to well over $500,000 per year.

Does the product provide value for money?

Despite being free I don’t believe that Undercover Income does provide value for money for reasons that I shall outline below.


The first and foremost problem when dealing with Undercover Income is that there is a lack of information on how the software works. Surely if Jonathan Callen is providing it for free there is no harm in providing some information on the process, which brings me to my second point.

Undercover Income isn’t the first product I have reviewed that requires you to register with a certain broker of their choosing in order to obtain something free. I have often mused over the connection between the brokers and the seller as it seems that most of these free software bundles are just about getting the seller revenue through referral commissions for the various brokers, if they are not operated by the brokers themselves. It is the lack of clarity regarding this that means that I would personally give Undercover Income a miss.



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