Value Power Betting Review

What is the product about?

Value Power Betting is a horse racing tipster service by Simon Holden and Eddie Lloyd. The system is claimed to be unique as it uses multiple types of analysis to make selections.

What is the product?

Providing tips for Irish and UK horse races, Value Power Betting is operated by Simon Holden and Eddie Lloyd. They claim that between their contrasting selection methods of form and statistical analysis they are able to make the most likely winners which are then confirmed through computational analysis. Selections for Value Power Betting are provided daily by email and also by logging into a members area.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There is a one week trial for Value Power Betting which is available for just £10. After this has expired there are monthly and quarterly options available for £49.99 and £129 respectively. As Value Power Betting is a Betfan product there is no money back guarantee in place. In terms of the return, as of January this was shown to be 87.96 points although there has been no apparent update to the proofing recently.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe that Value Power Betting does provide value for money.


Simply put the results for Value Power Betting are not good enough for the amount that Simon Holden and Eddie Lloyd charge. There are better and more profitable tipster services available within Betfan’s pages alone which are less costly. I am also not sold on the selection methodology which based of the example given frankly seems borderline ludicrous and factors in too many variables to convince me that it is a methodical approach.

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