Web Traffic Loophole Review

Created by Sarah Starr, Web Traffic Loophole is a training course that allegedly teaches users to generate web traffic.

What is the product?

Web Traffic Loophole is the sum of Sarah Starr’s knowledge on the subject of generating web traffic and affiliate marketing. The step by step training comes in the form of a recording of a 60 minute seminar that hosted by Sarah Starr.

During the training she says that she will teach users different methods of generating targeted traffic as well and expanding your business. Sarah Starr actually claims that using the techniques and methods she teaches you can expect to generate “as much traffic as you want” for your websites and blogs. As well as the how’s of generating targeted traffic Sarah Starr also shows users eight traffic sources that she has personally used with great success.

As well as Web Traffic Loophole you will also gain access to two additional bonus products. These are “Millionaire Video Interviews” in which a number of internet millionaires supposedly share the secrets of their success. Secondly you will receive “Outsourcing Secrets” which is designed to show users how they can use outsourcing to avoid the more “boring” aspects of business.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Sarah Starr has made Web Traffic Loophole available for just $17. This also comes complete with a 30 day money back guarantee should you have any problems with Web Traffic Loophole. In terms of the returns you can expect for your money it is hard to gauge.

As Web Traffic Loophole is a training course results will be qualitative rather than quantitative. Having said that Sarah Starr claims a prosperous online career using these methods so it seems reasonable to say you will likely see a profit.

Does the product provide value for money?

I think given everything that is on offer and the low sale price Web Traffic Loophole definitely does provide value for money.


There is rather a lot to like with Web Traffic Loophole. Although it doesn’t necessarily do anything to set the world alight, what it does do it seems to do very well. Sarah Starr really appears to know her industry and how to make the most of it. Although there doesn’t seem to be anything in play here that experienced affiliate marketers will be able to take away, but for those that are perhaps looking for a fresh way to breathe life into a tired portfolio or even newbies who want to try and hit the ground running it should be well suited.

What I really like about Web Traffic Loophole is that Sarah Starr doesn’t make outlandish claims and most importantly, she makes Web Traffic Loophole affordable.

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