Winning Touches Review

What is the product about?

Created by Ashton and developed further in conjunction with his business partner Eric Webb, Winning Touches is a rugby tipster service.

What is the product?

Winning Touches was developed by Ashton initially and then after a period of time he brought in friend and current business partner Eric Webb. Winning Touches is claimed to be an alternative to the less noble pursuits of horse racing and football betting. In fact Eric Webb and Ashton spend a lot of time talking about alleged fixing in both sports and how the bookies are responsible for this. A bold statement indeed that is never actually backed up by anything other than rambling rhetoric. In terms of Winning Touches as a product, there is a limited amount of information available with the only hint in terms of the inner workings being that both Eric Webb and Ashton have allegedly been involved in rugby since a young age.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Eric Webb and Ashton have made Winning Touches available for a one of fee of just £9 for access. It is worth noting that this is apparently an introductory offer and both Eric Webb and Ashton say that prices will likely go up. As the product is purchased through Clicksure there is a 60 day guarantee in place. In terms of returns on your investment, Eric Webb and Ashton claim that Winning Touches can earn you as much as £138,000 per year which works out at an average of £11,500 per month. A massive figure that is never backed up outside some photos of an alleged holiday home in Egypt.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe that Winning Touches will make anywhere near the advertised amounts, that having been said it may be worthwhile joining just to get your foot in the door of a niche that at the moment seems to be rather small, especially since Winning Touches is so cheap.


These days diversity seems to be the name of the game in terms of making money and for bettors this shouldn’t be any different. As mentioned above rugby is very niche and has the potential to be a very good earner. The biggest concern I have is that Eric Webb and Ashton never really sit down to talk about anything significant, instead choosing to market us a lifestyle. The fact is rugby is a pretty untapped market in terms of mainstream betting and Winning Touches could well help you to diversify you betting portfolio of systems.



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