Winningmore’s AW System Review

Developed by Steve Davidson, Winningmore’s AW System is an all-weather betting system covering English and Irish all-weather races.

What is the product?

Winningmore’s AW System is essentially a tipping service for all-weather horse racing. Tips are provided for Wolverhampton, Kemptom, Lingfield and Dundalk. Selections appear to be made by a piece of software although the reality is that Steve Davidson doesn’t make any mention about how they are made. Instead he claims that the system is reliant on unique criteria that are not available elsewhere.

The system itself seems to be based on backing low odd horses so although the strike rate is low (claimed to be just 17%) the amount won when a bet does come in substantially outweighs the losses incurred to that point. Selections are usually made available after 7am and users can then place bets manually or if the use Greyhorse bot, a link can be generated for users to simply copy and paste across which will place bets on their behalf.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Winningmore’s AW System is available for a reduced price of £49 although this is a limited time offer and only available for the first 50 customers. In terms of any refund policy or money back guarantee, there isn’t one. Steve Davidson says that as Winningmore’s AW System is not a “tangible product” they are unable to offer this.

The actual purchase gives you a licence for 12 months use of Winningmore’s AW System on one computer. In terms of returns on your investment, Steve Davidson says that Winningmore’s AW System has produced a 426 point profit during the period of April 4th and November 30th.

Does the product provide value for money?

I think that given the results provided in the proofing for Winningmore’s AW System it is pretty clear that there is profit involved. The stakes are low and the yield is pretty respectable which combined with a very reasonable sale price presents a rather attractive package.


The package that has been brought together by Winningmore’s AW System is quite unique in the market it is competitive in. The results are strong and the product seems pretty genuine. Although the idea of backing outsiders might not appeal to some, especially when you look at the low strike rate, if you want a product that is affordable to participate in then this may be what you are looking for. Winningmore’s AW System is not dependent on massive stakes and huge losses, instead Steve Davis recommends using just £2 stakes.

For me this is a huge departure from his rivals and step in the right direction for “Joe Average” punters.

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