World Soccer Profits Review

World Soccer Profits is a subscription service that sends daily emails with tips based on bets that the operator of the service claims he personally makes.

What does the product offer me?

The product is very much like many other similar subscription services offering daily tips straight to your email address on football games, mainly based around home or away wins.

How does the product actually work?

The tips are (as mentioned above) essentially the same bets as the operator of the system claims to place every day. Unfortunately he does not provide any information on how these bets are reached meaning you are placing faith (and more importantly money) in the opinions of a stranger.

What is the initial investment cost?

The service costs £45 per month plus the cost of setting up a point based betting bank. There is a limited time offer of half price off the first month’s subscription.

What is the rate of potential return?

The system claims to be successful showing a return of almost 300 points over a 4 month period. Unfortunately this is let down by a lack of evidence once again.

Your Conclusion

What really lets this product down is the lack of evidence. Sure, the website is flashy and informative to a degree, but never about the stuff that matters. There is a visually lovely graph that plots the points profit made over a period of time, but there is nothing to back it up. Where I have seen other systems similar to this show previous bets that they have recommended to illustrate their wins and losses here there is nothing. Combined with the fact that you are essentially betting on one man’s hunch and there really isn’t a lot to recommend.

It isn’t even like the product is cheap enough to warrant taking a risk. The £45 price point is very high for a service like this. All this comes together and you are looking at a product that is both more expensive and shows less proof of its successes than other similar programs. This makes World Soccer Profits in my opinion a very expensive gamble.

World Soccer Profits is operated by Spotlight Football from:

Spotlight Football
Slington House
Rankine Road
RG24 8PH

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