WP Ad Stopper Review

WP Ad Stopper is a product offered by Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter that allows users to create websites for selling products. It also comes with resell rights for the product itself.

What is the product?

WP Ad Stopper is a WordPress plugin that helps users to automatically create a sales page complete with layout, design and copywriting. Creators Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter claim that all of this is carried out to the highest standard by trained professionals. WP Ad Stopper also comes with resell rights which allow you to sell the product yourself. Using this fact Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter market WP Ad Stopper as a business in a box. Aside from this Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter also say that you can make money by using WP Ad Stopper to direct people to other money making websites.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

WP Ad Stopper is currently on a dime sale which means that the cost will creep up as more units are sold. At the time of writing the complete package is available for $10.33 which gives you the plugin and the resell rights. It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee in place though. In terms of a return on your investment this is difficult to quantify because of the nature of WP Ad Stopper. That having been said at $10 a few sales would likely put you in the black.

Does the product provide value for money?

Although WP Ad Stopper is cheap and well equipped I don’t believe that I can call it value for money.


One of my biggest problems lies with the resell aspect of WP Ad Stopper, which is something that Chris Jenkins and Vin Inter push quite hard as they do sell the product as a business in a box. The content created seems like it would only be viable as a method of selling this one product as the copywriting, design etc. can only cover so much scope. This means that everybody who purchases this are all competing in the same market with the same flavour. I fail to see how you can expect to scrape more than a few sales out of WP Ad Stopper, I definitely don’t believe that it represents a long term business opportunity.

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